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Complexity and hassle OR simplicity and efficiency



Traditionally, OEMs have relied on multiple suppliers for products made from multiple parts. Cut-price suppliers require a ‘leap of faith’ and an experienced purchasing manager to place and monitor the orders. Some companies are completely dependent on suppliers they do not know and trust. Apart from leaving the business exposed to additional challenges, there is an added ‘unknown’ in the quality, logistics, storage & warehousing. Most importantly, the certainty of delivery is questionable, and there are no guarantees that the components will assemble as planned.

In an ideal world the OEM would have access to an Integrated Manufacturing Solution:

  • All components would be available from a single source that conforms to your requirements as well as Australian and international standards
  • The single source would be local and accountable for 100% of components and be industry benchmarking as ‘business-as usual’.

The ideal world is here. FountainLine now has a state-of-the art Swiss-built Bystronic fiber laser cutting machine which ensures procurement and logistic efficiency and accuracy.

The flexibility of the new technology allows for a broader range of materials including aluminium, copper and brass and improves the existing IMS process.

For a finished product, each component design is loaded and cut to order with lightning speed. The new machine is 60% faster reducing manufacturing lead times and ensuring on time delivery.

Product assembly is easily made on-time-every-time. All of which stops your procurement nightmare and skyrocketing costs.

Speed and accuracy

FountainLine IMS finished products can be made to order and delivered without complicated warehouse logistics, simply by using the FountainLine Integrated Manufacturing Solution (FountainLine IMS). All the steps in the manufacturing process are completed under-one roof and delivered to you complete — procurement is easier than ever before.

Stop putting your business in the hands of someone you don’t know or trust, come, meet the team, measure the quality in $-terms and see the difference.

  • Improved lead times
  • Reduced inventory cost
  • Design flexibility — adjusting as you go if required
  • Swiss-built laser accuracy
  • Investing in the future of manufacturing
Manufacturing has been in a state of transition for decades. Lower tariffs, changing technologies and the outsourcing of tasks to low-cost economies have adversely affected our industry. As the 21st century manufacturing industry evolves, there is a move away from heavy industrial manufacturing towards higher value-added, technologically advanced production. Sydney manufacturer FountainLine IMS has answered the call to dynamically address the local needs of Australian OEMs – a Sydney first.

Intelligent Multitasking Machines

Bringing a new level of user-friendliness to Intelligent Multitasking Machines

Okuma Australia is proud to announce the launch of the new Multus BII series of intelligent multitasking machines.

Since their launch in 2004, Okuma Multus B200, B300 and B400 machines have become a more common sight in Australian machine shops.

The new Okuma Multus BII series builds on a tradition of high accuracy with the Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS) and Thermo Friendly Concept.

The Multus BII Series also incorporates the newly developed Okuma OSP-P300S control and new overall machine design.

The new Easy-to-Operate Okuma OSP-P300S control has been developed by Okuma especially for multitasking machines. Key input required for operation have been reduced by more than 50% and screen changes required for the control have been reduced by 80% compared to previous models. This translates to much fewer set-up parameters to operate the machine.

The new large colour display can simultaneously display four windows for the Current Position, Part Program, CAS and Advance One-Touch IGF so that machine status can be understood at a glance.